Spending Time with Stephen Karam

Hi, Readers!

Lauren and Delia here, who were a few of the lucky staff members to meet Stephen Karam on Sunday. We wanted to share some insight into what it’s like to be in the rehearsal room with a Pulitzer Prize-nominated, and Broadway bound playwright, who joined us from New York City for Sunday’s design run. We were only able to utilize his time for one afternoon, as he’s busy busy in New York with his new hit The Humans (which just announced it’s Broadway run!), but it was such a joy to have him.

Watching Stephen watch the show was so enjoyable – the way he laughed at some of his favorite moments was very validating for us, who laugh at nearly every moment.

Such a gracious, genuine and generous response to our production from a playwright whose career continues to blossom and reach an ever widening audience. This play speaks to adults of all ages in humorous, soulful and heart opening ways. Its author, a handsome young Lebanese American gay man with a modest demeanor and warm smile, entered the rehearsal room with the director, a friend and colleague, Gregg Henry (who was on tenterhooks but as always composed.) They sat together in the back corner of the room during the rehearsal, after which the actors had a ten minute break and returned to hear what the playwright had to say. I think we all held our breath…

Karam and Company

Karam and Company

When they returned, Stephen Karam hugged all of the actors, and gave a few notes including:

“The only solution is to have Gregg [Henry] direct all of my plays.”
“The entire cast trusts the script and their characters.”
And something along the lines of “After the 1st scene, I didn’t think the acting could stay at that level, with a cast of 8, who knows? But it did. Every character did.”

He then sat down with Director Gregg Henry and gave a few more notes. We can’t see how the show evolves and grows over the next week before we open for previews!

Sons of the Prophet runs November 18-December 20, 2015
Purchase tickets online HERE.


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